the weathered look of poverty (photo Marianne Bach / World Relief

Two weeks ago, (coincidentally while I was traveling in Turkana), scientists reported that a 1.76 million year old hand ax was dug up in Turkana – the oldest known evidence of human technology.

Apparently, human engineering began in Turkana and humanity has been trying to wrestling nature to its will ever since. Yet, the irony is, we still have famine. Turkana are starving to death.

They say drought is a natural disaster while famine is man-made. This is proving true in East Africa. Somalis are dying because of wicked governance and weak political will from an international community hesitant to confront terrorists to feed people. The Turkana are suffering from Kenyan neglect and their unwillingness to integrate with the modern world. With no way to cope with rising global temperatures and resulting increased drought, the Turkana face the death of their most vulnerable and a threat to their very existence.

Humanity has the technology to eradicate famine from history. The question is, have we evolved the spiritual will to do so?